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Caring Team of Traveling Dog Groomers

Bark N Park Mobile Grooming has a dedicated staff that truly cares for pets, enjoys being around them, and loves making them look and feel fantastic. With mobile grooming services available around the Coral Springs, ParkLand, Coconut Creek, and Margate, FL! We'll be there when you and your pet need us.


Capture the perfect look for your furry friend with convenient and reliable onsite services, dog haircuts and styling. Our pet groomers are trained in styling animal hair to achieve the best results.

Bath & Brush

Be sure to give your dog all the luxuries that you enjoy when taking a bath. We provide only the finest products while bathing dogs to remove dirt and debris from deep within their fur. After bathing, we will brush the pet to straighten hair while removing knots and tangles. When we are done, your beloved pooch will smell great and look show-ready.

Dog Getting Shampooed

Ear Plucking & Cleaning

Does your pet frequently suffer from ear infections? Dogs have small hairs inside their ears that need to be cleaned. With our ear plucking and cleaning services, you can help to reduce discomfort and promote better health. This reduces the chance for ear infection and wax build up.

Nail Trim & File

Longer nails can not only be painful to people when dogs jump up, but also for them to walk on. We will file your pet's nails to keep them smooth and safe for their comfort and yours alike. Nail treatment is essential for maintaining good health.

Bark N Park Mobile Grooming will work hard to give Your Pet the Best look.

Grooming Your Dog Often Will Keep Your Dog Comfortable And Healthy, But Most Of All Happy.


Dog at the Groomers

De-Shedding Treatment

This special treatment removes the dead undercoat and loose hair and reduces shedding. This process will keep your pet's coat looking healthy and much better.

Teeth Brushing 

Dirty teeth can be detrimental to a dog's health, so it is important to get regular teeth cleanings. We will brush your dog's teeth to remove plaque buildup to not only make their teeth look nicer, but give them better breath as well.

Trim Private Area

Dogs sometimes have residue left behind after going potty. We can wash away everything that may have been left behind in these areas. If your pet seems to be having trouble going to the bathroom, we will provide anal gland expression which will help them do their business easier.

Special Products

Keep the spa-level treatment of your pup going after we leave with several products available for in-home use. Products include:

» Flea & Tick Treatment » Medicated Shampoos » Oatmeal Shampoos » Mud Bath

**Prices will vary based on the Breed and the condition of the coat.